Roger Mason admits what we all knew, his twitter wasn’t hacked

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Well Roger Mason, how u?

Last week, Roger Mason Jr. — players union vice president, recent Knick and current free agent — tweeted something that created a firestorm.

“Looking like a season. How u.”

That quote fed the optimism growing around the NBA’s labor talks last week (optimism that got crushed on  Tuesday). But within an hour of it going up the tweet came down and soon Mason was saying his account had been hacked. Nobody believed him. Convincing us your twitter account got hacked now is like a 15-year-old trying to convince his friends he got laid while on the family vacation to Wisconsin.

On ESPN Radio Wednesday, Mason fessed up (quotes via Eye On Basketball).

“Actually I was in high school with my son and I have an assistant that frequently updates my account. And a friend of mine sent me a message about how the lockout could last. And I said, ‘It’s looks like it could be a season.’ So it sent him a message back. She sends a message thinking it was a text message but it wasn’t, it was a tweet.

“So I got a bunch of calls from media and they asked me about the tweet and I didn’t know anything about it so I assumed I had been hacked.”

Believe as much or as little of that as you wish. What I like best is the spin on the meaning — we all took the tweet as saying it looked like there would be a season, but he spins it as saying the lockout could last a season. Clever. Again, believe what you want.

At least he was honest about being hacked.