LeBron played a little flag football with strangers in NYC

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LeBron James would have made a good tight end — he has the size, the quickness, the soft hands, the athleticism. Based on financial results he made a wise decision going with the whole basketball thing, but he loves football. I’ll add there are not a lot of guys you see in an NBA locker room and think “he has the build to play in the NFL.” LeBron is one.

Which brings us around to this story… LeBron was walking through New York the other night when he happened upon a flag football game being played as part of the NYC Social Sports Club.

As a general rule of thumb, when someone approaches you and asks for something in a New York park it’s not a good thing, but because he’s LeBron the rules are different. He asked if he could jump in and everyone was good with it, according to Brian “Freekey” E., on the club’s Web site (via SLAM).

“He just randomly walked into the field and went up to one of the teams that was standing on the sidelines and said, “Hey are you guys done?” Everyone was like “No no no! Come play!” He played on the Military team (Untouchables). He quarterbacked, played defense, and wide receiver. He caught two interceptions, which were pretty impressive, and then he took a picture with us! When he scored a touchdown he did the Cat Daddy dance, which I then did too and we had a little dance off. He was there for 10-15 minutes with a guy who was either bodyguard, or a friend, or both! Then he left!”

Here is another interview with one of the guys involved in the game over at Fox Sports.

Those soft-little touch passes you can float over your not-that-athletic 5’8” friend don’t really work around LeBron, hence the interceptions. That will lead to the Cat Daddy dance (which half of you are about to Google, so we saved you the time and got you a tutorial).

All that said, great story for those guys and LeBron played some football without getting injured, so it’s all good.

(Just a quick side note to all you people writing stuff that may get published on the Web out there — the fewer exclamation points, the better. Frankly, same for your college papers — also on those don’t plagiarize Wikipedia then source it as Encarta either, your profs aren’t stupid.)