Chris Bosh is mature, Skip Bayless is… well, Skip Bayless


Here’s why ESPN’s Skip Bayless doesn’t bother me — his job is to be the agitator. He is supposed to go on television and say outlandish things that make you mad (and sometimes glad) and you get pissed at him, then you turn him on again the next day.

Those are also the reasons I turn the channel when Bayless comes on ESPN in the morning.

Which is why I didn’t know that Bayless was one of those guys riding Chris Bosh for being the third wheel in Miami and not being a more dominant force. Which is a position one can take and do well, like the guys at The Basketball Jones.

Bayless did it in the most Bayless of ways, nicknaming him “Bosh Spice.”

Wednesday, Chris Bosh showed up on the Cold Pizza First Take set, sat right across from Bayless and frankly had every right to put Bayless in a sleeper hold and end this match by submission. But Bosh was cool, mature, reserved and just called out Bayless saying essentially “pick on my game, not on my name.” (You can see the video at this link if you so desire.)

“My only problem is the whole misuse of the name,” Bosh said. “If I stink it up on the court…. my family takes a lot of pride in our name. My ancestors, we’re very prideful with the Bosh name. I don’t like it being made fun of. I don’t think they appreciate it, either.”

Bayless of course didn’t back down because he can’t. And wouldn’t. But Bosh came off as the adult and Bayless came off as Bayless. Enough said.