Andray Blatche’s coloring book for children. It’s awesome.


When I think about who I want teaching my young daughters life lessons, the first name that comes to mind is Andray Blatche of the Washington Wizards. He of the Lapdance Tuesdays where there was no lapdancing. He of the ungodly natural talent but lacking the maturity and mental will to really exploit those gifts.

But he’s trying to grow up. He’s trying to be a role model.

That includes Blatche now authoring a children’s coloring and activity book out designed to help children eat a more balanced and healthy diet. Mike Prada of Bullets Forever found this, and I think we all will be forever be in his debt for that.

I could mock the drawings or the whole concept more, but really children’s health and eating habits in this nation are a serious issue. The processed food and sedentary lifestyles is causing health issues that we all end up paying for as a society. This coloring book talks about smart food choices and even has a contract where kids sign up to eat balanced meals.

Blatche also doesn’t sell the books, he gives them away when he meets with schools during the year. Which he reportedly tries to do fairly often.

So good for Blatche taking this step. Even if it’s a little goofy. Somehow that just makes it all the more Blatche.

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