Video: LeBron James optimistic about season, Heat’s chances


As LeBron James works his way through Asia on a Nike-sponsored tour (and if you don’t think it’s all about Nike, take a look at the setting in this video), he stopped to do a little Q&A with the fans.

LeBron has been consistently optimistic that there would be a season, and he states that again. He says he is training as if camps will open on time (don’t bet on that). And he sounds optimistic about the Heat’s chances, although he refuses to put a date on when they will win a ring. Which is a far cry from “not five, not six, not seven..” comments last year. (By the way, those of you out there saying LeBrom made that comment at a local Miami pep rally/introduction event and it therefore shouldn’t be blown up — you seem not to understand today’s world. Nothing is local. Nothing.)

Basically, these comments are pretty tame, but we bring them to you anyway so you can hate on them if you wish.

Video courtesy the Crossover Chronicles.