Players tentative, think labor talks finally getting serious


NBA players are thinking a lot like us. That talks during first few months of the NBA lockout were more theater than negotiations.

That now things are changing.

Suns swingman Jared Dudley is in Las Vegas right now getting in shape for the eventual season and he and other NBA players will be competing in the Impact Training Series games that are open to the public starting next week (more on that later today). NBA players are landing in Vegas for the series (there are upwards of 45 confirmed now) and Dudley said the mood is cautious but hopeful.

“I think guys are still kind of tentative, but they are like ‘hey, we’re going in the right direction,’” Dudley told ProBasketballTalk. “Nobody is happy, people just say ‘now it’s started.’ Before it was all like fake smoke, now we know it’s getting started.

“There’s going to be ups and down, some meetings will be good, but it kind of seems the NBA and the union have come together and said ‘hey, it’s crunch time, let’s get it going.’”

Both sides have said there is still time to salvage training camps and a full season. That seems a long shot — they are serious but there is some serious ground to make up — but at least things seem to be getting serious. Everyone can apparently feel it.