Mo Evans will not be playing in Spain, at least not soon


Mo Evans, one of the many vice presidents of the National Basketball Players Association (the players union), has been preaching the sermon about how NBA players can make money overseas. How the players have options.

But in the end, Evans isn’t going anywhere. We have this tweet from Alex Kennedy of Hoopsworld.

Mo Evans won’t be joining Valencia Basket, according to sources. He received an offer from the Spanish team, but turned it down.

I wouldn’t read a whole lot into that. Evans will turn 33 next season, has made more than $13 million in his career and is a lot more settled than some players looking overseas. For each player, the decision whether or not to go overseas is a personal one.

If the lockout turns ugly again — right now both sides are playing nice and are in radio silence — you can bet you will hear from Evans again. But for now he is staying put.