Brandon Jennings thinks Stephen Jackson will be the difference for the Bucks


Stephen Jackson never seemed too thrilled about being sent to Milwaukee. He had embraced the Bobcats, had taken them to the playoffs for the first time, and was comfortable, even if the fit wasn’t perfect. So it took him a while to make it to the Bucks. But the fact remains that even as an aging near-All-Star, Jackson is a veteran player who can fill up the scoreboard, plays great defense (which should be accentuated under Scott Skiles), and knows how to lead, something the Bucks could use. This could work.

From the Boston Globe’s interview with Bucks star Brandon Jennings, we know that he certainly thinks this is going to be the move that changes things for Milwaukee. From the Globe:

“The first day Stephen Jackson walked into the facility, I knew right then and there it was going to be a different year,’’ Jennings said. “And it’s going to be a year that I think we’re going to be successful.

“The thing about the NBA is the league gets better and better every year. It’s never going to be the same, so I think with Stephen Jackson and a healthy Andrew Bogut and Drew Gooden, I think we’ll be talented enough to play with any of the top teams in the East, hands down.’’

via Bucks’ Jennings works on his game and image – The Boston Globe.

That’s an awful lot to put on a 33-year-old wing who also has the propensity to detonate into an ejection at any point. Seeing how Jackson and Skiles get along will be something to watch, and Jennings will have to be more efficient and a better decision maker. Andrew Bogut has to stay healthy. There’s a lot that has to go right just for the Bucks to improve.

But hey, Brandon Jennings believes, and that’s something, I suppose.