Lawrence Frank interviews 31 for assistant coaching jobs


Lawrence Frank is detail oriented and very thorough. I’m not clinically trained to diagnose someone as obsessive. So I’ll let you judge for yourself.

Frank was given the freedom to hire his own staff, so he has left no stone unturned in his search for assistants, according to

He’s talked to 31 coaches and says the process is close to completion, though he still won’t put a timetable on the unveiling of the new staff. He wants to get it right and he’s mindful of the chemistry that will result, so one commitment might affect the ensuing offer to the next candidate. What he didn’t want, he decided, was a staff filled with coaches cut from the same cloth.

That’s smart, I think the best organizations take input from a variety of positions and viewpoints then make their decisions. Frank was not yet naming names.

The guys that Frank hired had better be ready to work 12 hours days — during the lockout. When that ends things will get serious and he’ll expect a real commitment.