Andre Iguodala and Doug Collins are all good. Seriously.


Why do you think Andre Iguodala and Doug Collins don’t get along? Because Iggy sounded like a guy who wanted out after the season? Because he’s been on the trade block? General body language?

You are way off base.

That’s what Iguodala himself is saying. He spoke with Kate Fagan of the Philadelphia Inquirer and said it’s all good.

“We spoke, it was really brief. It was about 10 minutes, it wasn’t long: “What we can do to improve, what our plans are going forward. It wasn’t too much. But, I’ve never had a problem with Doug, so we made that clear that we never had issues. So we were good.”

Iggy is still on the block if another team has a good offer, but will anyone take on that contract (four years, $43.7 million remaining) under the new Collective Bargaining Agreement? Iggy is a very good player but sort of a No. 2 on an elite team (more Pau Gasol than Kobe Bryant, for example). But the Sixers can have a good team with him, Jrue Holiday, Elton Brand and a possibly improved Evan Turner (one can hope). I get why you might try to move him, but he’s not a guy to dump just to dump. The Sixers can be good with him.