‘Melo trying to plan Knicks workouts in October

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Sure doesn’t look like we will have basketball come October (the first preseason game is scheduled for Oct. 9, and it’s about as likely to happen as my date with Mila Kunis that night.

But the Knicks might still be working out together in October.

While in Baltimore to help his Melo League squad beat the Goodman League – and ‘Melo looked goodAnthony told ESPNNewYork.com he wants the Knick to practice season or no.

“Most likely I think as the month goes on, probably early October, well start getting guys together,” Anthony said. “I’ll make it my duty to get guys together whether it’s in LA, New York or a neutral place.”

Amar’e Stoudemire already is doing this. So, as the first sign of those two pillars of the franchise playing together rather than playing next to each other, maybe they could organize this together. Just a thought.