Dwyane Wade, fashion impresario on pages of VMAN


Dwyane Wade is serious about fashion.

And you can get a look at fashionista Wade in the pages of VMAN Magazine starting Thursday when the magazine lands on your doorstep. What, you don’t subscribe? Well, I guess you can get it at a newsstand, but we need to talk. Anyway, there was a preview at The Post Game (via I am a GM). The magazine also talked to fashion experts about Wade, and of course they gushed about him.

“Dwayne Wade has mastered the art of being a brand,” says image consultant Amanda Guralski. “His fashion has evolved just like his basketball skills, going from signature hats to tailored suits. His look is classy, clean, professional and he captures the art of using color in ways that many people are reluctant to try.”

Took the words right out of my mouth. The pictures are below.