Today’s overseas roundup: Patty Mills to Australia, Bogut to join him?


There are so many NBA players both talking to and signing with overseas teams that we collect them in a daily roundup. I do this in bullet points because I am a blogger. Agent Mulder could more easily ignore a conspiracy than I could ignore the chance to use bullet points.

• Patty Mills is headed back to his native Australia and will play for the Melbourne Tigers. Yes, he has an opt out clause.

• The bigger question down under is will the best player from that continent return during the lockout? Andrew Bogut says he would like to join Mills overseas but insurance will be the big problem.

• Good news Sixers fans — Lou Williams said he got a big offer from one of the top teams in Europe (he would not disclose the name) but turned it down.

• Also, Andre Iguodala said while he is tempted to play overseas he is not going. Instead, he ad Williams and others are just practicing in Los Angeles.

• Former Jazz player who bounced around the NBA last season Sundiata Gaines has signed in Georgia with BC Armia. He has an out clause.