Report: Owners, players meeting set for Wednesday

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We’re still not sure what good it will do, we’re not convinced the two sides really feel the pressure to compromise and reach a deal, but they will meet in a few days.

PBT has reported a meeting is coming, and that it would feature only high-ranking officials. Now, we have a few more details thanks to this tweet from Sam Amick of Sports Illustrated.

Source close to labor talks says meeting between league and NBPA officials – including Stern & Hunter – will now be Wednesday in New York.

So it’s Wednesday. Again, not sure the meeting will amount to much.

Until one of the two sides does something that brings the other into serious talks — or until the National Labor Relations board rules on the complaint filed by the union that the owners are not negotiating in good faith — there is little reason to expect a deal.

Yes, the season is coming. Yes, soon there will be cancellations and that will be the first real pressure on the two sides. But unlike the NFL owners who didn’t want to lose money by missing games, there are NBA owners willing to miss games. More than willing. If you want to believe that cooler heads will prevail, that both sides want to avoid killing the momentum generated last season, be our guest.

I don’t see it.