Report: Adelman flying to Minnesota to meet with owner

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Rick Adelman’s flirtation with Minnesota Timberwolves has gotten serious enough that he is flying back to Minnesota to meet the team’s owner.

That’s another sign that this deal is looking more and more likely, and this report comes from Ric Bucher of ESPN.

Two people with knowledge of the situation told The Associated Press on Aug. 24 that Adelman had met with Taylor during his first interview in Minneapolis, but the league source said Monday that Taylor’s health issues kept the two from talking face to face.

This should be interesting, as befriending owners has never been Adelman’s strong suit. That said, Adelman is the perfect fit for the Timberwolves. This meeting should be a rubber stamp, but who knows.

In tweets, Bucher said his sources have indicated the two sides have yet to talk money, which was always considered a stumbling block. Adelman will demand at least $4 million a season, which is a steep price for the small market Timberwolves. Reports out of Minnesota say they will match it, but the meeting this week may determine if that is a reality.