Michael Beasley may have broken wrist in China


Reports out of China are a little sketchy, but it could be bad news for Timberwolves forward Michael Beasley.

First there is this tweet from Rijay Wang (via Hoopshype):

Report: Michael Beasley suffered wrist injury in Sunday night at China Championships, had to get wrist re-examined, possible wrist break.

Here is the link to the actual story from HoopChina.com, where they say the same thing but makes it seem like a fracture is the more likely outcome.

Beasley was on a team with Paul Pierce playing a Chinese team and he had scored 32 points in the game when the injury occurred. The injury happened in the game and felt worse the next morning.

If it is a break, it is something that could stretch into the season even with a lockout. It might take two or three months to heal and get his strength back, and it is possible the lockout will be solved by then.

We will keep you updated on the outcome.