Video: Kevin Durant and bowling and dancing, woo-hoo!


Apparently Kevin Durant’s website is starting a new feature called “The 35th Hour.” See, because, Kevin Durant wears No.35. It’s a pun, of sorts. A play on words. Anyway, one of their promos is out, and features a video of Durant doing a pretty ridiculous dance after bowling a strike.

Check it out:

Why is this in any way noteworthy? Because Durant’s so busy being humble and helpful on the floor, you never really get to see this side of him. He’s not a stone-cold-killer, but if anyone’s doing silly, unnecessary celebrating on the Thunder, it’s Nate Robinson.

If this is a show built to expand on Durant’s personality, it’s got to be careful. The biggest and best thing about Durant is that he doesn’t try that hard to get people to like him, he’s just naturally humble. You’ve got to watch what path you take with Durant. At the same time, getting to know him better might help. And if nothing else, we get more ridiculous content. Like this.