An edible Paul Pierce figurine for the sweet-toothed


The minds and hearts of men are truly curious in their workings; they devise brilliant plans, painful follies, touching connections, terrible deceits, and on occasion, ideas of incredible ingenuity and the potential to change the world.

They also, apparently, conjure the idea to create a small edible figurine of Paul Pierce for undoubtable commercial gains. Behold, via SportsGrid, the Celtics star in all of his milk chocolate glory, as a promotion for his tour across China:


I can’t think of a particularly compelling reason why someone shouldn’t make Paul Pierce into a delectable chocolate treat, but justifications for the idea are pretty slim as well. I suppose there’s no shame in attempting to cash in on Pierce’s visit with the NBA-hungry (hyuk, hyuk, hyuk) audiences in China. I just can’t say that biting off the head of a mini-Pierce would be my first choice in snackery. Then again, Lakers fans may disagree.