Former NBA star Ralph Sampson arrested over child support


Ralph Sampson, the former star NBA player that was part of the original “twin towers” with Hakeem Olajuwon, has been arrested concerning issues of child support, reports the Atlanta Journal Constitution.

Sampson had his driver’s license suspended after failure to make payments, reports the paper. He had been pulled over just outside Atlanta after an officer saw the registration on his car had lapsed.

Sampson is now out of jail and denied all charges in an email to the paper (hat tip to I am a GM).

“My license was not suspended for failure to meet child support obligations of any kind,” he said in an email sent Wednesday afternoon to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution….

“This issue had nothing to do with child support,” he reiterated in the email. He said the suspension was “due to the non-payment of a $35 reinstatement fee.”

You can guess what the police said about arresting him on mistaken charges.

Sampson, at 7’4”, was the dominant college player in the nation his final year at Virginia. He was drafted No. 1 overall by the Houston Rockets and was key to the Rockets team that advanced to the NBA finals in 1985-86 (they lost to the Boston Celtics there). He played nine NBA seasons and made the All-Star team four times.