LaMarcus Aldridge willing to lose season to get “fair deal”

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As we’ve talked about before, we’ve heard from some owners that are willing to scrap the entire 2011-12 season to get a deal that works for them. Remember, six NBA owners also own NHL teams, guys who know that path.

Now we’ve got a player saying the same thing. Great. Just great.

LaMarcus Aldridge was in Portland for his youth basketball camp Tuesday and the union representative for the Blazers was not exactly optimistic when speaking to the Oregonian.

Aldridge, who is the Blazers’ player representative in the NBA Player’s Union, said he does not expect the season to start on time but does believe there will be a season eventually. That said, he is prepared to sit out all of 2011-12 if necessary.

“If that’s what it takes to get a fair deal done, then yes,” Aldridge said.

Of course, as a union rep he knows he has to say that. He has to take a hard line. It doesn’t really soften the blow that much.

As we’ve talked about before, right now there just is no pressure on either side to really compromise and negotiate, so they are not even meeting (at least until next week sometime). As the clock moves through September, that pressure will start to ramp up because first training camps will be postponed, then preseason games cancelled, then eventually regular season games will be called off.

Right now most people (myself included) seem to think like Aldridge that at least some of the season will be lost. How much — or is it all of it — remains the question nobody can answer.