Even LeBron is poking fun at LeBron’s hairline


Dwight Howard has done it. A few months back during the playoffs everyone seemed to be doing it. It’s been a quietly running Internet joke for years.

LeBron James’ hairline has become a punch line.

Now, even for LeBron. He tweeted this Wednesday morning.

Had a dream my hairline was back! Woke up and went to bathroom, turned on light slowly. Same ol story. Damn! Lol #wishfulthinking

Let’s start a pool on when LeBron goes Kobe/MJ and just shaves his head. Of course, we tried to do that with Rasheed Wallace and…

In case you want the visual evidence, the best recap of LeBron’s hairline (and headbands) goes to The Basketball Jones. As I am in no position to mock anyone’s hairline, that will be all.