Dwyane Wade says Heat will see less hate next season


Is last season’s white-hot hate for all things Miami going to cool down to just red-hot?

I see the comments on this site and in my twitter timeline when I dare suggest that he hatred for all things Miami will cool with time, especially if they win a title or two — you don’t believe it. Plenty of you plan on really hating the Heat until Miami sinks back into the Atlantic.

But Dwyane Wade thinks the hatred for the Heat will cool off as well, as he told the USA Today. (hat tip to I am a GM)

“It’s always going to be criticism. There’s always going to be hatred. … It’s like the first time LeBron went to Cleveland, it was this crazed thing,” Wade says. “Then we went back again, and it wasn’t the same.

“No matter what people say about the Miami Heat, it will not be the same as it was last year. There’s still going to be stuff out there, but not like the first time.”

Okay haters, have at it. The fine folks of Cleveland will never forgive, I get that. But for the nation as a whole, the Heat hate will cool down, and if they win some rings the pendulum of public opinion will start to swing the other way some. Just watch.

The bigger concern for the league — that hatred for the Heat will cool into apathy after an extended lockout. For many fans, that will be the reality.