C.J. Miles reportedly looks trim, ready for camp… oh, yea


There’s a transition that often happens with guys who enter the NBA right out of high school or after a year or college — for the first couple seasons they eat like crap. They have gotten by on natural ability and a high metabolism for so long it takes them a while to learn to be a professional. His first season with the Lakers, Andrew Bynum used to swing by McDonald’s on the way home from practice, get a bunch of food then eat it sitting on his couch while playing video games.

But after a few years — some sooner, some never — players hear their body tell them they need to treat it better if they want to keep making NBA money.

Which brings us to something tweeted about Jazz guard C.J. Miles from Brian T. Smith of the Salt Lake Tribune (which later came up in a story).

Jazz forward C.J. Miles has backed up his words and has significantly slimmed down this summer. Appears to be in excellent shape.

We’re not sure of all the details but at age 24, entering his peak as an NBA player (not to mention a contract year), it seems Miles has gotten the conditioning bug. This is a guy who seemed to take a step forward last year off the Jazz bench, and maybe we can expect more of that next season. Apparently he is in shape and ready to go.

And just in time for the opening of… oh, yea. Well, hopefully we get to see him some time this season.