Blake Griffin has summer internship — at

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If you’re not familiar with, well, welcome to the Internet, rookie. There will be some hazing.

Started five years back with some help from Will Ferrell, the site is a collection of comedy videos, slideshows, original skits and more featuring celebrities such as Zach Galifianakis (personal favorite on that site). Or right now you can watch Al Harrington knock out a reporter.

And pretty soon, you’ll be able to watch Blake Griffin.

While Brandon Jennings is “interning” at the Under Armour Headquarters (if you get to drive the CEOs’ car, is it really an internship?), Griffin has picked up an internship at, reports the Associated Press (via Ball Don’t Lie).

“Just to get an inside look at how things are run here is exciting to me,” Griffin said by phone Tuesday. “I don’t know what interns at Funny Or Die are like, but I’m about to find out, I guess.”

Griffin is a funny guy. And not just fart jokes. He comes off a little guarded and stiff when you first start to talk to him, but when he becomes comfortable and opens up he has a really great dry sense of humor. He’s got the comic timing thing down.

This has potential for comic gold. Gold Jerry, gold.