Durant, Rose, more stars may play Australian exhibitions


NBA stars may be headed down under.

If — we keep saying “if” even though it almost certainly is a “when” — the lockout drags into the regular season some top NBA players may be headed to Australia for an exhibition tour of a few games, reports the News Herald (via the Orange County Register).

Players mentioned include Kevin Durant, Derrick Rose and Pau Gasol.

The games would be at Rod Laver Arena — the center court of the Australian Open tennis match. That should work; we do preseason games here in the states on converted tennis courts (the Suns have played the last couple years at Indian Wells, in the Palm Springs area of Southern California).

The report also says they have sponsors for the tour to cover the expenses and insurance issues.

You can bet if the lockout drags out there will be some kind of barnstorming tour or some sort of events in China. There is a lot of money pushing to make that happen. But it sounds like Australia may be on its way as well. And you can bet the union will pump this up to show how its players can earn money without Stern’s league.