The best possible thing about the lockout: a Marcus Thornton-JCN showdown


Forget Drew-Goodman. You want the best (and by best we mean ridiculous showdown possible in the lockout? Take a look at December 17th. That could be the magic day if everything falls into place.

From HoopsHype comes a story from regarding Marcus Thornton and how he may wind up signing with Spanish team Caja Laboral.

The result? December 17th sees Thornton’s theoretical Caja Laboral take on FC Barcelona featuring… Juan Carlos Navarro.

Navarro, for those of you who don’t remember, played one season with the Grizzlies, averaging 10 points and 2 assists with 40 percent shooting playing 26 minutes. Not exactly the stuff of legend. And yet he showed a surprising amount of talent in one year on a terrible team (the year Gasol was traded) including his trademarked teardrop. He then promptly ran away as quickly as possible, back to the warm confines of FC Barcelona. He promptly won the Euroleague MVP.

LaBomba is a pure scorer, even at the ripe old age of 31. He averaged 16 points and 3 assists on over 50 percent shooting last season. In short, seeing “The Bomb” play “Buckets” would be incredibly fun. It would mostly just be a series of low-angle runners and no-conscience jumpers. It would also be an epic contest of shooting from players that are driven by scoring. It’s not Kobe vs. Durant, but it’s also in an organized competition and would be the rare opportunity for Thornton to score as much as he wants.

It’s possible the lockout is starting to rot my brain.