Report: Players, owners will not meet next week. Why would they?


We passed along last week — as the one silver lining out of the union meetings that took place — that the union would try to set up a bargaining session with the league next week.

Turns out, doesn’t look that will happen.

The report comes from Ken Berger at (part of his look at how the players and their agents are blowing the PR game):

Despite the desire of union officials to arrange a bargaining session next week in New York, a person connected to the process told on Friday that such a meeting is unlikely. That means the calendar will most likely flip to September before the two sides reconvene for only the second time since the lockout was imposed on July 1.

Right now, the two sides are shockingly far apart on the core issue of how to both split up and even define “basketball related income” (the players want to keep the current system where it is closer to the gross, the owners want to make it more net with some expenses removed).

So in a sense, just meeting to talk about how far apart they are doesn’t get much done. But until they start sitting down — with the pressure of lost games on them — there is no chance of any progress. And right now I’ll take any progress.