Just a reminder, “ProStars” was awesome


The problem with “The LeBrons” is it tries to be too much an analogy. It wants to talk about “issues’ and try and teach “values.” It’s a brand expansion. A cartoon needs to be a cartoon, and in doing so, it needs to lack any semblance of rational consideration or legitimate attempts at wry humor. And that’s before we get to the part where the old man version of himself keeps hitting on his mother.

Back in the 90’s, one cartoon understood how to do it. “ProStars,” which ran on, you guessed it, NBC. Sure, it tried to teach kids something and portrayed the stars as helpful do-gooders. But it was organic, and not a forced attempt. James’ cartoon comes off like the second hour of “The Decision,” trying too hard to explain something that’s self-evident. But “ProStars?” It’s just ridiculous. It ran for three months in 1991.

I miss it to this day.

(Note: I do not miss it to this day.)