Shocking: You people really don’t like LeBron James


LeBron James is no Betty White.

We all knew LeBron’s popularity and marketability took a hit with The Decision (even though you tuned in to watch him play). But now we have evidence of just how hard a hit. You people really don’t like him.

A recent Ipsos poll had LeBron in the bottom 10 of all celebrities in terms of lowest favorability (or high unfavorability). LeBron is in the bottom 10 with Tiger Woods, Donald Trump and Charlie Sheen. Great company (although that would be an interesting dinner party). (Hat tip to Eye on Basketball for the link)

The point of the poll was to look at what celebrity would be an effective endorser of a product. Betty White is on top of the list, and not just because she slapped Shaquille O’Neal but because people like her. I mean, I think I own everything she has endorsed because who can say no to Betty White?

The highest ranked athlete? Peyton Manning.

Kobe Bryant shows up on the list of least trusted celebrities in the poll, again with guys like Woods and Trump. But the poll found men like Kobe a lot more than women (shocking).

Bottom line is LeBron took a hit with how he handled his move to Miami. That said, if LeBron and the Heat win a few titles the perception of him will change. It did with Kobe, it does with most celebrities. Winning cures a lot of ills in this country.