Tony Parker will play in native France if lockout drags on


While a number of NBA players have signed, or at least flirted, with a deal overseas during the lockout, only one real star has signed up — Deron Williams of the Nets headed to Turkey.

But that is going to change as the lockout moves forward. And while most of the big names will likely be thinking China — big money and a league that doesn’t start until December, although there are issues there — Tony Parker is thinking of heading back home.

At least that’s what he told ESPN. He is thinking France (where he already owns a team).

“My agent talked about China a little bit,” Parker said after totaling 23 points, seven rebounds and four assists in France’s 82-60 victory (over Great Britain in an exhibition). “But for me I just want to focus on the national team, that’s most important for me.

“I’m not going to take any decision until the end of September, after the European Championships. I want to see if I’m healthy, if I’m hurt and by then we will also know a lot more what is happening with the situation of the lockout. If I play (abroad), I will definitely play in France, for my fans, for my team, ASVEL.”

Since he owns the team he can probably arrange an opt-out for when the lockout ends.