Report: Kevin Durant’s agent in talks with CSKA Moscow


Remember how the head of the EuroLeague said the elite teams of Europe were not going to get in the “rent an NBA star” game, that they needed stable rosters? (To be fair, I had heard similar noises from some agents.)

You can pretty much throw that out the window.

Kevin Durant’s agent is in talks with Russian powerhouse CSKA Moscow, according to a report on the Russian Web site (via HoopsHype). He reportedly would make a $1 million a month salary and of course would have an opt-out to return to the Thunder should the lockout end.

Durant’s agent Aaron Goodwin laid out the other day how a player could make NBA money overseas, if the right team came along with the right marketing plan. This is one of the teams big enough to pull that off — this is a powerhouse of Europe, the winner or EuroLeague two of the last four seasons, the team that Nets owner Mikhail Prokhorov used to own. This also is the team Nenad Krstic plays for, a guy Durant knows as a teammate from OKC.

Durant has said he would make his decision on playing overseas by Oct. 1.

In addition to Durant maybe going overseas, EuroLeague power Maccabi Tel Aviv has brought in Jordan Farmar and is reportedly trying to woo Amar’e Stoudemire. If there is going to be an arms race other teams may jump in as well.