Nets officials can attend Kardashian/Humphries wedding. If they want.


The question isn’t if Nets officials should be allowed to attend the wedding of Kris Humphries to Kim Kardashian. Of course they should.

The question is if they really want to.

The league has cleared the path for them to go if they so choose, the Associated Press reports. This is the same thing that was done with Chris Bosh’s wedding and for Mark Cuban at the ESPYs.

Humphries weds the woman famous for… well, being famous (and her reality show) Saturday in California. Nets GM Billy King and other front office people had to get clearance from the league to go due to the “no fraternization during the lockout” rule David Stern put in place. Which would have made for an interesting RSVP response: “Honey, check the box saying I’ll have the salmon if Stern says that is okay.”

Now the Nets brass can go see what promises to be a circus of a wedding. Well, if they can get past the phalanx of paparazzi that will surround the wedding location.

If you’re King, what do you buy Kardashian/Humphries for a wedding gift? I’m guessing a toaster or cooking utensils would go unused in that house.

Humphries is a free agent, by the way. The Nets want to bring him back but there will be other suitors.