Marcin Gortat says he and Robin Lopez are all good

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Marcin Gortat came to the Suns in the middle of last season and took Robin Lopez’s starting center job away from him. Quickly. It’s one of the dynamics of team sports that makes it a fascinating window on the human psyche — these guys are both fighting each other for minutes and at the same time working together to get wins for the team.

So it didn’t sound like Lopez and Gortat were the best of friends, what with Lopez sending Gortat to the wrong place on Gortat’s first practice after being traded to the Suns. Then Gortat taking Lopez’s job and essentially saying “you had your chance, I took it.”

But no, everything is good between them. Swear. That’s what Gortat told Paul Coro at the Arizona Republic.

“There’s no argument between me and him,” Gortat said, feeling as though there was backlash to his comments. “The stuff that came out with what I said at the camp was just the first contact with Robin. I don’t think there was any problem between me and him. Whatever happened didn’t have any impact on me or on him.

“We’re still talking. We’re still having the same conversation since Day 1. I don’t think there’s any problem in the team. I believe we’re going to come back next year strong and hopefully we’re going to fight for the starting job, me and him. It’s going to be good for the team, hopefully. If he’s going to win, then I’m going to try to be a strong player coming off the bench or opposite.”

Okay. We’ll let you have that one since it’s a lockout.

But when that lockout ends, don’t be shocked if Lopez gets moved as the Suns have two solid centers and other holes to fill.