Delonte West will not be playing overseas, a judge said so


In some ways, Delonte West is the kind of NBA player who should be looking overseas during the lockout.

He’s a free agent so he doesn’t need an opt-out clause if he doesn’t want it. And while West makes good money by your and my standards (he made $1 million last season) he is not making stratospheric NBA money — he has a limited window of time to make as much money as he can and taking a year off is not ideal.

But West isn’t going anywhere, and his legal troubles are to blame. He tweeted this Thursday:

Can’t even go get that over seas money.. Judge said it’s a no go on leaving the country…

Remember West was arrested in September of 2009 West when speeding through Maryland on a three-wheel motorcycle while carrying two loaded handguns, a loaded shotgun and a hunting knife. All without a permit. He took a plea deal that included parole.

So West will not be getting any money from a team in China, nor even reaching a deal to be in British soap operas.