Patrick Ewing: “I still consider myself a Knick”


Patrick Ewing — currently a Magic assistant coach — wants a head coaching job. He’s had a few interviews (most recently with the Pistons) but has yet to win the gig.

But is dream job? That is with the New York Knicks, he said on the Mike Lupica show on ESPN New York.

“I hope that one day I get to come back home because I do live in this area, I still consider this my area, I still consider myself a Knick. Hopefully one day I’ll be brought back here,” Ewing, the Knicks’ career scoring leader, said in response to a question from Lupica.

I think most people still consider Ewing a Knick. Sure he coaches in Orlando and played a season there, but when you picture Ewing do you really see him in a Magic uniform?

Ewing is plenty frustrated about not getting more chances at the big chair, a chance to be the tallest coach in NBA history. He thinks his height is part of the problem in him getting a chance.

“People think that just because you’re a center, you’re not as smart as the guards or the smaller guys. I think that’s a load of crap. When I played with the Knicks, I was just as important or just as smart as any other of the guards I played with. I still had to call out plays, notice schemes, know the systems, do everything they had to do.”