Kenyon Martin fires agent, puts house on market. He may be gone, Denver.


Kenyon Martin is going to be one of the more sought after free agents in the mad scramble that will be post-lockout free agency (did you see how things went in the condensed NFL free agency?).

He looks like a guy clearing the way for one more big kick at the can, and likely moving on from Denver because of it.

For one, he has fired long-time agent Brian Dyke, reports the Denver Post. It was Dyke that helped Martin secure a seven-year, $90 million deal that just ended — whatever Martin gets now, it will be nowhere near those numbers. Not at age 34 and scoring 8.6 points per game as he did last season. Martin is looking for a new agent currently.

Martin also has put his Denver-area home up for sale, reports The house is big and stunning — seven bedroom, nine bathroom, on a two acre lot. The original asking price was $3.2 million. (Martin has another home in the Los Angeles area.)

Who knows what will happen with free agency, but a new agent and selling his Denver home makes it look like he is ready to get out of Denver and go where the market takes him.