John Wall gets booed at pro-am game, drops 36


John Wall went to play in his old back yard Wednesday night, and the fans ripped him.

Wall played in the North Carolina’s SJG Pro-Am in Durham (he grew up in nearby Raleigh) and got booed. A lot.

I don’t get it. Wall seems a genuine, down to earth guy (in my limited dealings with him anyway) who does charity work and keeps his nose clean. And he can flat out ball — he went off for 36 in the game (his team still lost). Did he talk some smack? Damn straight, it’s a pro-am, everybody’s talking. Not sure why boos rained down on him because of it.

But Wall heard them. He tweeted about it.

Heard a had a lot of booo’s and haters out there tonite…but thanks y’all give me more motivation to keep workin…Thanks

It amaze me what I try to do for my hometown and get treated…but that’s how it goes in life…Glad I know who my fam,brovas and real Friends are…luv ya”ll we on the way to the top

Here’s the video, you get to hear some of the boos — I still don’t get it — and watch some good ball. Check out the ally-oop finish at the 1:05 mark.