Which shoe is uglier: Wall’s new Zig or LeBron 8 in denim?


I’m no shoe expert — heck, I once ran a blog sponsored by PONY and still have some in my closet — but, to borrow a phrase from the art world, I know what I like.

And I don’t like these.

Below are two shots of new shoes. The first is John Wall’s new Reebok Zig Encore. Ben over at Eye on Basketball asked the right question: Does Reebok really like this technology and look, or have they invested so much they refuse to fold and move on?


Now we have the Nike LeBron 8 in denim. Yes Denim. (Via I am a GM and Modern-Noteriety)


Now for the big question: Which is uglier? As much as I don’t want to wear the Zigs, I’d rather be seen in those than denim Nikes. But it’s close. What do you think?