Guy Matt Barnes punched doesn’t like him very much


We told you how Lakers swingman Matt Barnes lost it and punched an opponent at a San Francisco pro-am game, refused to back down from the action and got suspended a game for it.

Now, we get the words of the guy on the wrong end of the swing.

First things first, Dillon Sabia says he dodged the punch, it never connected. Sabia — a player at the College of Marin, a community college in the Bay Area who redshirted last season — also told the Marin Independent Journal he is no fan of Barnes.

“He was pretty mad the whole game, being a little whiner and being really immature,” said Sabia…

“I guess he didn’t like how I boxed him out. He tried to wrap his arms around my neck and throw me on the ground, then I turned around and ran at him and we started talking smack to each other,” Sabia said. “He pushed me, I pushed him in the chest and then he took a swing at my head. I turned my head, he barely clipped my ear.

“Everybody out there is either playing professionally overseas or playing college ball. Everybody’s out there for a reason. There’s no need for him to be, like, all pissing and moaning and being immature about a situation.”

Sabia was suspended for a game as well. Barnes has said guys were being overly physical with him all night, pushing on him because he was the NBA player and he had to stand up for himself. Barnes is not always the most level headed of guys, but I didn’t see the game so I’m not going to say if he was justified or not. But you still can’t throw a punch.