Don’t expect any more Knicks front office shakeups


After letting Donnie Walsh go — because all he did is return the team to the playoffs while slashing the payroll in half, why would you want to keep him around? — the question became who was on dock? What would owner James Dolan do next to screw up the stability of the franchise?

Turns out, looks like nothing. The inhouse guys that stepped in when Walsh was pushed out may be keeping their jobs for a while. So tweets Alan Hahn of Newsday.

Meanwhile, as in the Fix, hearing #Knicksmore content to keep Grunwald/Warkentien hierarchy in place and groom Allan Houston. Thoughts?

Well, those two haven’t made any bad decisions since July 1.

Seriously, this is the smart and stable move. Hahn is talking about Glen Grunwald and Mark Warkentien, who are fully capable of doing the job and keeping the rebuilding going.

Grunwald worked for Isiah Thomas in Toronto and came to the Knicks, but don’t hold that against him. He also served at the right hand of Walsh for years. Grunwald is respected around the league by peers. Warkentien came over from Denver (before the Carmelo Anthony trade, go ahead and think that’s a coincidence if you want) and is another guy who has had success building a team. They both report to team president Scott O’Neil.

Those are guys who intimately understood what Walsh was trying build, and they are guys with experience and know how to run a team. This is a good bit of stability.

Well, until Dolan wants to play with his toy again and screws it up.