Boozer will “definitely” play overseas if lockout drags on


Add Carlos Boozer — the inside to the Chicago Bulls outside in Derrick Rose — to the list of guys who say they are serious about going overseas during an NBA lockout.

Boozer gave ESPN’s Ric Bucher an interesting reason to go — he was on the 2008 Olympic team in Beijing and the travel opened his eyes. Now he’s got the travel bug and wants to do more.

“I think as players we have to look at this lockout as an unfortunate challenge, but one that can create other unique and positive opportunities,” he said. “When I was part of Team USA that won Olympic Gold in Beijing, that experience changed my life in incredible ways.

“If the NBA season gets delayed or postponed, I plan on using those months to experience something similar to what I did in the summer of 2008. That’s why, if the lockout continues, I definitely plan on playing overseas.”

That sounds a lot like a guy who would be interested in a Chinese Basketball Association team, although he declined to say if he had offers or preferences.

China is the good fit for a lot of All-Star level players (and as frustrated as Bulls and Jazz fans get with Boozer in the playoffs, he’s a quality player). Even if the Chinese government is not down with this. First, the top teams in Europe are not taking on NBA rentals. Secondly, the Chinese season does not start until December, giving the players a chance to see how the lockout plays out and if things are still bad come November they can report to camp.