To be clear, Wade has not gotten offer from China. Yet.


Yesterday we told you or reports Dwyane Wade got a $2 million a month offer from one Chinese team. That report was denied by the Chinese team.

Now it also has been shot down by Wade’s agent.

Here’s the money paragraph from the Miami Herald.

Wade and his agent, Henry Thomas, have said Wade will consider overseas offers if the NBA lockout stretches into the season. “We are not there yet,” Wade told China Daily, referring to overseas offers in general. “We are going to start working out. The time to consider that has not come.”

As we’ve said before, if a star player is going anywhere China makes the most sense. For Wade it’s about global branding in the biggest market. Those Chinese teams also would be able to find sponsors that would pick up some massive salaries.

Most importantly, the Chinese league does not tip off until December. Players and their agents would have all of September and October to see if the lockout is going to drag on as long as many fear. If there is no movement by then, guys like Wade may take a more serious look at China. Especially if the offer is $2 million a month.

But for now, everything is in a holding pattern.