Matt Barnes isn’t backing down from whatever happened


Did Matt Barnes punch an opposing player?

Those are the reports that came out of some San Francisco pro-am action Thursday, although video proof has yet to show up (at least that I’ve seen). This is the same place where Barnes slapped a coach last season, so maybe.

Whatever happens, Barnes is owning it. college basketball writer Diamong Leung talked to Barnes after the game and TrueHoop has the quote:

That’s part of the game, man. It’s physical. You know what I mean? People come out here and think they can beat and push on me. There’s only so much I’m going to take. I’m a grown man first, so if you think you’re going to come out here and rough me up and cheap shot, I’m not having that s__.

He elbowed me and pushed me, so he got one.

Matt Barnes was not ejected from the game, by the way. Reportedly the referees said they didn’t see the punch. So apparently this league hires the WWE refs.