Curry spending summer getting married, rehabbing ankle


We didn’t send a gift — we were going to go with the indoor composter — but congratulations to Golden State’s Stephen Curry, who married longtime girlfriend Ayesha Alexander.

We knew about this because Stiletto Jill had the engagement pictures up, then The Basketball Jones noticed that one of those is going to fuel some locker room heckling next season. Look at the photo to the right, she looks beautiful and he looks 12. Yea, that’s coming up in conversation.

What may be of more interest to Warriors fans is how Curry is doing after ankle surgery this summer.

Curry will be ready to go by November, he told the San Francisco Chronicle. He is working on his rehab now.

Let’s just hope the rest of the league is ready to go in November. Sorry Ayesha, but we don’t want you and your husband to have an extended honeymoon.