Patty Mills has not signed anywhere… but he will


Yesterday we told you about reports out of Turkey that Trail Blazers back-up point guard Patty Mills was about to sign there to play during the lockout.

Mills wants you to know that is not the case. Not yet anyway.

Mills went on 750 The Game in Portland and kind of shot down the rumor (transcribed by Blazers Edge).

“I just wanted to make it clear, there were some rumors going I just wanted to say that isn’t true,” Mills said. “I haven’t signed anywhere as yet. I have been in talks with teams in Europe and here in Australia, but not yet have I come to any agreement. Still in the process of making that decision and hopefully I’ll make a decision here in the next few weeks…

“For me, it’s an important period during this lockout. … It’s an opportunity to play a lot more and stay in the best physical condition. … What I’m looking for is to play somewhere that will allow me to have an out clause in my contract.”

So, he is not going to Turkey. Yet. But he may go there. Or somewhere else. Just as long as we’re all clear.