Marc Gasol will not play for Barcelona either


When you think about European teams NBA players want to jump to, Barcelona comes to mind. Amazing city with great food and nightlife. Powerful team that consistently is one of the tops in Europe. Plus, you can probably get contacts for some good soccer tickets.

But team alumni Ricky Rubio said he is not going back to play there unless he entire season is lost. Now another alum — Marc Gasol of the Memphis Grizzlies — says he is not heading there either. And he is a free agent, he could do so and not need an opt-out clause for when the NBA starts up again.

Gasol said he would want to return to the NBA when the lockout ended and it would be “selfish” of him to go for half a season then leave the team high and dry, he told Marc Mundet of RAC1 in Catalonia (via Hoopshype).

Barcelona also probably doesn’t want and certainly doesn’t need to take players for just half a season. They have their pick of the best of Europe, they don’t want just rentals. Even really good rentals.

For the record, if anyone wishes to pay me a six-figure salary (or more) to live in Barcelona for a year, I’m willing to make the move.