What is Jerry Sloan doing these days? Selling his tractors.


Some guys walk away from the game, say they are retiring, and you just know they are coming back. It’s not easy to walk away from the glamour, the money, the camaraderie that can come with being part of an NBA team.

But when Jerry Sloan abruptly walked away from Utah in February, you just knew he was not coming back.

His name may pop up in the odd rumor, but this was a man who was always happy on his farm, happy away from the NBA limelight. So what is he doing now days, while the rest of the league is fretting over an ugly lockout? He’s selling his tractors, according to Brad Rock the Deseret News (via Ball Don’t Lie).

His 70-unit tractor collection in Illinois has dwindled to two. Jerry Sloan sold all the others this summer, shortly after a thief made off with a 35-year old Allis-Chalmers.The tractor wasn’t expensive, valued at only around $5,000. But it got him thinking about the stuff he had accumulated; thinking about clutter.

“I’m trying to simplify,” Sloan said Tuesday….

Seventy tractors? I’ve never owned or lived on a farm, I don’t even play Farmville, but that seems excessive. Maybe it was time to sell a few off.

He was going to get into the antique business with his wife, but that’s not simplifying either, it’s collecting more junk, they are getting out of that. He seems comfortable, being a step dad and living life at a slower, less stressful pace. Just kind of like you knew he would.

He’ll get along fine without the NBA, but we are going to miss him.