Rubio says he’ll only play in Europe if full NBA season lost


Ricky Rubio is not running back to Barcelona.

The powerhouse European team reportedly want him back during the NBA lockout, but Rubio doesn’t plan on going back unless the full NBA season is lost, he told (via Hoopshype, translation from friend of the site Xavier Sanchez, a basketball coach in Spain you can follow @Xanxes10).

“A full year without playing would be counterproductive, but just a few months would not. I’ve always thought the lockout wouldn’t last the whole year, that’s why I took the decision, but if I had to make it back to Europe, Barça would be my first option.”

However, he added that if he does go back to Europe he said he would like to return to Barcelona.

It’s got to make Wolves fans hear that he is committed to staying with them and is not looking to jump back to Europe at the first chance. He sounds like a guy committed to making it work over here and a guy that wants the lockout to end (like the rest of us). That said, if the lockout does cost the season you can’t blame the guy for thinking of getting back to Spain.

Rubio is training with the Spanish national team for EuroBasket, which begins at the end of the month. Spain is one of the favorites to earn one of he two 2012 London Olympic bids up for grabs at the tournament