One zealous fan gets Kobe Bryant calf tattoo


We’ve got Dirk Nowitzki on an a–, a woman with Thunder thighs, a LeBron James calf tattoo, and now….

The Kobe Bryant calf tattoo. You can see the entire thing to the right (via CBSSports Eye on Basketball). My first thought — that’s actually some really impressive work. I most enjoy seeing Kobe in “The Thinker” pose as well. Very thoughtful.

This trend of NBA ink is, um, well… if you want Kobe on your body for the rest of your life, this is America. Go for it. We won’t judge you. We may laugh at you a little, but not judge. Live and let live. This isn’t hurting anyone (well, except for getting the actual tattoo).

Now, if anyone gets a Luke Walton tattoo on their calf, we’ll know this has all gone too far.