Nick Young is part of the fashionable crowd

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Suddenly it seems the NBA is a very fashion conscious league.

You have Amar’e Stoudemire getting his own fashion Web site. Dwyane Wade is having a documentary made about his fashion choices. But that’s not enough to suit Nick Young, who wants to be the face of NBA fashion.

Young will be featured in a spread in Edge magazine where he calls himself the “best dressed man in the NBA” (hat tip to The Basketball Jones for this one).

“They don’t really have style (in the league), I tell all the young boys coming up to get slimmer, lose the baggy clothes and all that stuff. There’s really nothing that can be done for the vets, they’re too stuck in their ways now”, says Nick.

Nice. Those veterans will promise to work on their clothing choices if you promise to work on your shot selection, Mr. Young.

Also, notice in the photos in the magazine spread (at TBJ) that Young has the businessman tattoos (none where they show when he is not wearing his uniform).